Meet our Partners: STAM S.r.l. Leading the Way in Open Innovation

STAM S.r.l. stands as a beacon of innovation and strategic leadership in the CLEANHYPRO project. As the Work Package 2 (WP2) leader, they play a pivotal role in shaping the project’s direction and ensuring its success.

At the heart of their involvement lies the Single-Entry Point (SEP), a crucial component of the project’s framework. STAM spearheads the SEP, meticulously crafting its value proposition, organisational structure, legal framework, and governance rules. This role positions STAM as the central hub for facilitating collaboration, streamlining processes, and maximising the project’s impact.

Meet the People Behind STAM’s Success:

  • Stefano Carosio: With a wealth of experience in chemical engineering and innovation management, Stefano Carosio serves as the Executive Director, guiding STAM towards excellence.
  • Giannicola Loriga: As the Head of R&D and Tender Hub, Giannicola brings expertise in electronic engineering to the table, driving innovation and strategic initiatives forward.
  • Tommaso Zerbi: With a background in Bioengineering, Tommaso leads the business area management for the research and Innovation Service area, overseeing critical aspects of project development.
  • Mattia Muracchioli: Leveraging his Ph.D. in Materials Science and mastery in data science, Mattia excels as the Project Manager, ensuring seamless execution and delivery of project objectives.
  • Ahmed Elkassas: Drawing upon his expertise in management engineering, Ahmed serves as the Innovation Consultant, offering valuable insights and strategies to propel the project forward.

Founded in 1997, STAM S.r.l. has established itself as a leading multidisciplinary engineering consulting firm. Beyond specialized engineering consulting services, STAM has been instrumental in driving Open Innovation initiatives for SMEs and multinational corporations. Their collaborative approach fosters an environment of knowledge exchange, providing access to cutting-edge resources, funding opportunities, and venture capital investors.

Here is what the STAM team has to say about their participation in CLEANHYPRO:

“Lighting the path to a sustainable future through groundbreaking electrolysis innovation. Together, we’re redefining the blueprint for clean hydrogen, shaping tomorrow’s energy landscape today.”