Meet our Partners – TECNALIA: Pioneering Clean Hydrogen Innovation

With over two decades of expertise in research and development within the hydrogen sector, TECNALIA proudly leads the charge in the CLEANHYPRO project, the largest European endeavor in water electrolysis.

Meet the Team:

  • Bart Goes (CLEANHYPRO Coordinator): Bart steers the project towards success, ensuring seamless coordination among partners.
  • Ekain Fernández (Head of Hydrogen Technologies in TECNALIA): Ekain spearheads the innovation drive, leveraging his extensive knowledge in hydrogen technologies.
  • Iñigo Ortega (Hydrogen Systems Leader): Iñigo leads the development of cutting-edge hydrogen systems, driving forward the project’s technological advancements.
  • Marco Papasizza (R&D Project Manager): Marco oversees project execution, ensuring alignment with objectives and timelines.
  • Eva Arrilucea (Head of Think&Do Strategy Group): Eva brings strategic vision to the table, guiding the project towards impactful outcomes.
  • Janire Clavell (Senior Researcher): Janire contributes her expertise to research efforts, driving innovation in hydrogen technologies.
  • Victor Oestreicher (Senior Scientist): Victor brings his scientific acumen to the project, facilitating breakthroughs in clean hydrogen production.

TECNALIA boasts a portfolio of over 50 green hydrogen projects, spanning generation, storage, transport, distribution, utilization, and safety. These initiatives underscore TECNALIA’s commitment to advancing the frontiers of clean hydrogen technology.

“We are honored to collaborate with key stakeholders from the public and private sectors to establish the inaugural Open Innovation Test Bed for water electrolysis. CLEANHYPRO promises to unlock sustainable and competitive electrolysis solutions through shared innovation infrastructures and the Single Entry Point system for industrial entities. By streamlining innovation studies and facilitating industrialization, market penetration, and commercialization, CLEANHYPRO marks a pivotal step towards the widespread adoption of green hydrogen across Europe.”