Participate in the CLEANHYPRO Stakeholder Survey!

CLEANHYPRO has just launched a survey targeting stakeholders in the manufacturing of electrolyzers for clean hydrogen production. This survey provides an overview of the Service Catalogue that will be offered by the CLEANHYPRO Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB). Our goal is to gather feedback and identify the specific needs of manufacturers to ensure our services align with the stakeholders’ requirements.

Why Participate?

By completing this survey, which takes less than 10 minutes, you can directly influence the development of services designed to support the manufacturing of electrolyzers. Your input will help shape the resources and support available through the Single-Entry-Point (SEP), which aims to facilitate the development and scale-up of advanced electrolysis technologies.


CLEANHYPRO is an open innovation test bed (OITB) that unites top European experts in electrolysis for clean hydrogen production. The project aims to create a sustainable OITB for electrolysis materials and components, offering a comprehensive network of facilities and services to companies via a single-entry point (SEP).

What We Offer

Our OITB will offer EU companies access to the latest and most promising manufacturing technologies, advanced characterization techniques, labeling and certification services, and business development services. The aim is to help them develop, test, and adopt new high-performance, safe, and environmentally friendly electrolysis technologies. Your feedback is important to us to refine the value proposition for deployment in democases to which you can apply.

Join Us in Shaping the Future of Electrolyzer Manufacturing!

Be part of the progress in the clean hydrogen sector! Answer a few questions about your organization, current manufacturing needs, potential solutions, and future useful services.

Your Privacy Matters

This survey is conducted in accordance with the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework. The data you provide will be collected and maintained with full confidentiality, anonymized from the point of submission, and analyzed collectively to ensure your privacy.