Strengthening Collaboration in Hydrogen Research: TECNALIA and BTU Join Forces

TECNALIA and BTU Join Forces

TECNALIA, the coordinator of the CLEANHYPRO project, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus-Senftenberg (BTU) to bolster their collaboration in hydrogen research, with a special emphasis on Electrolysers.

Expanding the Hydrogen Research Alliance

The signing of the MoU solidifies the longstanding collaboration between TECNALIA and BTU. Ekain Fernández, Head of Hydrogen Technologies at TECNALIA, highlighted the significance of international alliances in enhancing the competitiveness of the hydrogen value chain. He expressed optimism that this agreement would facilitate the pooling of capabilities, bridging talent gaps, and pursuit of joint technology developments in hydrogen and electrolysis.

A Vision for Joint Research and Talent Exchange

Prof. Dr. Lars Röntzsch, Chair of Thermal Energy Technology and Head of the Hydrogen Research Center at BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg underscored the intention to expand the scope of cooperation beyond the CLEANHYPRO project. Joint research and development initiatives, as well as the exchange of students and doctoral candidates, are among the primary objectives outlined by Prof. Röntzsch.

Fostering Internationalization and Student Engagement

Prof. Wolfram Berger, Vice President for Internationalization at BTU, emphasised the importance of networking in research and nurturing the development of young scientists. He highlighted the potential for applied projects to enrich engineering studies and create opportunities for Spanish students to familiarize themselves with the research environment and study conditions at BTU.

A History of Collaboration

TECNALIA and BTU have a history of collaboration, particularly within the framework of CLEANHYPRO, the largest R&D project on electrolysers in Europe. TECNALIA leads CLEANHYPRO, a 28-partner EU-funded project, which focuses on the development of pilot lines for the production and testing of key components for water electrolysis.

Driving Innovation Through CLEANHYPRO

The CLEANHYPRO project serves as a central platform for stakeholders in the hydrogen sector. Showcases developed as part of CLEANHYPRO provide opportunities for industry partners to evaluate novel materials and technologies across various aspects of electrolysis.

In summary, the MoU between TECNALIA and BTU represents a significant step forward in fostering collaboration and driving innovation in the field of hydrogen research. Through joint efforts and knowledge exchange, both institutions aim to contribute to the advancement of sustainable energy solutions.