Introducing Our Consortium Partner: TNO

We are thrilled to highlight one of our esteemed partners in the CLEANHYPRO project, TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research). TNO stands out as one of the leading applied research institutes in the field of hydrogen, with more than 15 research departments across 5 units collaboratively working on innovations throughout the hydrogen value chain. From production to infrastructure, storage, and final applications, TNO is at the forefront of hydrogen research and development.

TNO’s involvement in over 50 hydrogen-related projects underscores its commitment to advancing hydrogen technology. This includes groundbreaking work in the Faraday lab developing new materials and conducting pre-feasibility and engineering studies for large-scale projects such as NortH2 and the Gigawatt project. Within the CLEANHYPRO project, TNO focuses on accelerating learning and innovation in electrolysis technology, contributing to the development and organisation of the European network of facilities and services. Their expertise spans technological developments in several pilot lines and strategic guidance on setting up a single entry point and engaging a broad ecosystem of stakeholders.

Meet the Team:

  • Robert Makkus (Senior Project Manager at TNO-STIP): Oversees project execution across TNO departments, ensuring alignment with objectives and timelines.
  • Davide Ripepi (Scientist Innovator at TNO-STIP): Responsible for cell testing, results analysis, and developing testing protocols.
  • Cássia Sidney Santana (Scientist Innovator at TNO-Holst): Leads the upgrading of the Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition (S-ALD) technique and develops low-loading Membrane Electrode Assemblies.
  • Jie Shen (Research and Development Engineer at TNO-Holst): Develops process parameters and produces Catalyst Coated Membranes (CCMs).
  • Oscar Diaz Morales (Program Manager HighTech Electrolysis at TNO-Holst): Oversees electrolysis activities at TNO-Holst.
  • Roald Suurs (Senior Researcher/Advisor on Sustainable Systemic Innovation at TNO Vector): Contributes to the development of the Single Entry Point and Sustainable Manufacturing Framework.
  • Lennart van der Burg (Cluster Manager Green Hydrogen): Manages the strategic impact for TNO from the business perspective.

TNO is at the cutting edge of innovation, collaborating with partners across the supply chain, high-tech, chemical industry, and energy sectors. With a vast portfolio of national and European-funded projects, TNO bridges the gap between research and practical applications, driving the energy transition forward.


“The CLEANHYPRO project is the perfect follow-up to the position paper, HySpeedInnovation, the joint action plan for innovation and upscaling in the field of water electrolysis technology prepared by five European RTOs and Hydrogen Europe Research. By helping industry create and develop new technologies and solutions through the Open Innovation Test Bed and its R&D and analysis infrastructure, TNO contributes to its goal of creating a sustainable society. A society that can adapt to a changing climate and contributes to a circular economy. A society with a sustainable living environment, renewable energy, and sustainable industry. Working together in a large consortium with many different partners is a great pleasure.”